Wright Stander 61" 726cc Kawasaki
$9,610.00  $8,072.40
Save: 16% off
Wright Stander 48" 603cc Kawasaki R/E
$8,690.00  $7,299.60
Save: 16% off
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Welcome to Wright Mowers!!

We are a family-owned dealer and distributer of lawn mowers based in Stallings/Matthews, NC. Our company prides itself on providing great service to all of our customers - whether it is a simple part, a service appointment, or a lawn mower sale. We also have a huge selection of mowers and accessories which are sold and supported by our knowledgeable technicians and sales people.

25% Discount on X Models

Our Stander X and Sport X mowers offer a 25% discount, meaning that they are priced to sell. These are all great mowers, and we are offering this discount so we can earn your business. All other mowers offer a 19% discount.

2-Year Limited Warranty On Wright Commercial Mowers

Our Wright Commercial Mowers offer a 2-year limited warranty which ensures that your purchase is protected. We know that your lawn mower is an investment, this is why we value your business and work hard to ensure that your business stays with us.

Monthly Specials For October

19.0 Kawasaki FX600 Electric
$8,850.00  $7,434.00
Save: 16% off
Wright Sport I 52" 726cc Kawasaki
$9,500.00  $7,980.00
Save: 16% off
52" 19.0 Kawasaki FX600 Electric
$9,220.00  $7,744.80
Save: 16% off
Wright Sport I 36" 603cc Kawasaki E/S
$8,580.00  $7,207.20
Save: 16% off

New Products For October

Wright Stander X 52" Kawasaki 726cc
$9,690.00  $7,267.50
Save: 25% off
Wright Stander ZK 29.0 Kohler ECV860 EFI
$11,050.00  $9,282.00
Save: 16% off
Wright Stander ZK3 52" Kawasaki
$10,790.00  $9,063.60
Save: 16% off
Wright Sport X 52" Kawasaki 726CC
$9,980.00  $7,807.20
Save: 22% off
Wright Sander ZK8 61" Kawasaki FX850E
$11,140.00  $9,357.60
Save: 16% off
Wright Stander 23.5 Kawasaki FX730 Electric
$10,080.00  $7,560.00
Save: 25% off